I’ve come to love the location that is Monument Café in Georgetown. I was first drawn to its floral hedges at the entry that were suddenly cut down, and then its very large white walls which I photographed Anna on, and, now, I’m loving (LOVING) the  vines they have in the front at the biergarten. The whole location is beautiful!

Tatiana came from closer to Austin, so we met in the middle and I of course suggested the Monument Café for how central it was to our two locations. To be honest, I’m still pretty unfamiliar with a lot of where I now live, and I know for certain I can get several good images with what MC has to offer, so why not? I did get to do some further exploring of Georgetown since Tatiana’s shoot, so I have a few more aces for those of you wanting portraits done now *wink*.

Without further ado, check out how amazing Tatiana’s editorial portrait session was!

Aren’t they wonderful?!

I’m totally down for doing YOUR portraits if you’re looking. I’m totally loving my new hometown and new, amazing faces that live here. It is turning out pretty amazing to be an Austin “transplant”. ♥




Hey Y’all!

I know I’ve said this before, but I feel so Texan! HAHA!

Just down the road from me, around noon each day, there is this herd? gaggle? group? of longhorns that love to sit and bask in the sun at the edge of their property. I’ve been telling myself over and over since I first saw them when we moved, that I would stop and take their pictures. Finally, I was there at the right time with my camera!! JOY!

Check out these awesome creatures! Keep on scrolling to see just how close we were. That’s my middle kiddo you’ll see; pretty neat! Not once did I feel an ounce of fear. They were just humble and chill giants, lazy at the moment, and neat to observe so closely.



Have a good weekend, y’all!



Behind the Scenes: Leibovitz Re-Creation

For my latest self-portrait, it may have come off as “nailing” the image almost nearly on the mark. I have to share with you my process and let you in on some of my behind-the-scenes, sneaky photographer tricks.

083 _IAP5634

First, I chose the location and exposed for the light. I knew I wanted the overhang and moodiness so I snapped a few and once I liked the look, I went to placing the camera on self-timer and trying to position myself in the frame as closely as possible to the recreation image’s model. This took several frames, shooting with a 50mm lens, readjusting the tripod a few times, and also readjusting the camera angle. Here’s what that looks like:

So, once I was happy with the framing, I set the camera to take multiple frames with a few seconds between each frame. Going off of memory of what the recreation image looks like, I sifted through what I had, and decided I had one close enough to which image I thought would resemble Leibovitz’s and set off to the house.

You’ll notice that this is me, rushing out of the house after I’ve dropped my kiddo off at school and decided on a whim to shoot myself for a school assignment, thus, no makeup, not even checking my wardrobe in attempts to beat the rain that I could visibly see coming!

083 _IAP5674

Notice the funky alignment of the pockets? You guys… I can’t even make this stuff up! I’m just grateful I went no where else. I must’ve looked hilarious to the few people driving by me at this random bush, looking super confident taking self-portraits. Man, was I confident! HAHA!

Ok. So there is my base image. Now, I have to make it look closer to the Leibovitz image:

Leibovitz Portman

First, I put on a little makeup and fix the pockets.

083 _IAP5674-Edit

Ok! That’s MUCH better. I was going to leave it at that, and then when I recalled the image to my screen, I noticed the original shirt was much more gray than I thought, so I desaturated my top to match more closely.

083 _IAP5674-Edit-Edit

And, there you have it! My project from start to finish. 🙂 And, photoshop makeup, if you have never tried it before, is really easy.

side by side

Get on that inspiration train and take a ride, y’all!


Motivational Monday – 4/3/17

Last week, we started a Motivational Monday Challenge.

While I don’t really have a goal for the length of the challenge or know particularly how far I’ll go with it, I wanted to start something to keep myself accountable, at some rate.

Part of that statement goes exactly along with … my weakness. Ugh.

starting today

My weakness? Not deliberately planning things and implementing the plans. Yep. I’m no good at that! For me, I just want to begin the final product as soon as the idea comes to mind, winging the process as I head on the issues as they arise. That has been me, for all my life. The biggest drag-down this gets me, is being slow to get out the door when getting out the door really counts! My husband could attest to this if he wanted to. In fact, he got me this great gift for my 30th birthday that goes great with this post. It’s called “Starting Today” and it is a book of intention. I need to use that very thoughtful gift a whole lot more!

It’s funny that this comes up right now because I’m also working on set designing from start to finish in school, and have to implement steps and build upon what I conceive. There is no “winging the final product” by gathering all these great idea props and great idea photos and then giving my work concept and message. I have truly been warned! Eek.

Here’s my plan, specific to my weakness in my school project:

  • brainstorm several concepts
  • write out how each concept would need to be achieved
    • who are my models, what are they doing, what is my message, how will I convey the message, etc.
  • include ideas such as wardrobe and props desired
  • include lighting/set sketch
  • include where to get model(s), wardrobe, makeup, props, and potential studio space
  • choose a concept and move forward, based on doability of the concept

So, that’s kind of specific to my planning dilemma for my school, but it gets me going in the right directions for things also. I think my biggest take away from this is that I need to put more thought into schedule and intention into looking forward. I need to be able to devise a few ideas and plan the options out, and choose the best suitor.


Starting today, I will not take the backseat approach to life, accepting whatever shows up in my path and dealing with it. I will begin to fill my life with intention. I will begin courting my dreams, my desires, my needs and acting in such a way that I will achieve them successfully!

How about we set a few intentions this week in regard to what we identified as our challenges? Starting today, I will recognize when I am just winging things and begin implementing my plan instead. I will get organized and hold myself accountable.

Keep on making these entries in the same notebook so that you can add and modify and reflect on what you’re doing! Share with me your intentions!!



Anna // Editorial

For my final portfolio assignment, I needed models like crazy. My request was longer, wavy, brown hair, and that was it. Anna was one of the volunteers for my assignment and I loved how sweet and helpful she was for me. Having just moved to central Texas, she was super sweet in pointing out locations and ideas to see if any of them piqued my interest.

087 _IAP5831-Edit

We ended up just meeting at the local café, and wouldn’t you know it, as I was walking up to the front, the delivery section in the back was screaming inspiration at me. I met Anna in the front, quickly ran it by her, and voila. We made the magic happen.

087 _IAP5833

My aim for her shoot was: fresh, clean, bright, and editorial. She quickly understood and delivered.

087 _IAP5838

Another noteworthy detail is that Anna is also a fellow photographer! She was super easy to coach (minimal at best!) into poses and body language, and, she even gave me a tour of her studio a block away from where we met.

087 _IAP5841

We talked about our photography interests and direction, and it dawned on me, that I have been asked to shoot how my school wants me to shoot, and that I have struggled to find a style because of assignment requirements. I mean, I knew all along I was shooting something I wasn’t passionate about, but I hadn’t realized why. I wasn’t shooting for myself while I have been shooting for school. Sometimes, it’s just good ol’ conversation that makes the worries drop away. Any progress is better than no progress!

087 _IAP5847-Edit

Anywho, I’m very grateful to have met such a sweet and serving soul. Here’s to many more hangouts hopeful to come! It is always better when it is “community over competition” and Anna is just that!

087 _IAP5860



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